Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Waiting for Hurricane Danny

Well, we are at Bethany Beach for a week or two. Just missed Hurricane Bill, which flew by Saturday and Sunday last week. It was a non-event here at Sussex Shores - didn't flatten the beach or create any good wave conditions. Just smashing shore break that blows sand 30 feet in the air and will break the back or neck of anyone that tries to ride these death barrels.

Now we have near perfect calm - the quiet before the storm. Danny doesn't look to be much right now, and may not make hurricane strength, despite the weather channel's hype. Looks like we'll get a nor'easter out of it on Friday and early Saturday, but again, it might blow by so fast that the beach won't flatten out. We need something to get the sand offshore and make a break that won't just bash on the shore. Stay tuned.....