Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer In Oregon

Hi! My name is Katarina and I am my grandpa's favorite grand daughter. I want to tell you about the crazy summer my grandpa has been having. He's been on the go and living in his camper for most of the time, either looking at rocks in Utah or climbing mountains in Oregon. He never slows down. He even rode a bicycle down the Oregon Coast for 250 miles, just to look at rocks. Silly grandpa! I finally got to see him when he took me swimming in the Alsea River. Don't I look cute in my sun hat? I'll probably always be the cutest grand daughter, because my Aunt Jackie will probably have another boy baby.

These are the guys that rode down the Oregon coast. One day they had really strong head winds and rain, but most of the time the weather was great and they all had a great ride.
So, this is a picture of Broken Top, a volcano near Sisters, Oregon. Grandpa couldn't stay up there too long because it started to thunder and lightning - pretty scary

This is a picture of my Uncle Josh before he left on his mission to Oklahoma. He went with grandpa to Utah to look at rocks with some oily geologists. They must be funny people to travel all that way just to look at rocks. I hope they take me down there one day, because I love rocks, too!